Friday, September 11, 2009

Bowflex Treadclimber Review

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Bowflex Treadclimber Review
By Brandi Yates

The Bowflex Treadclimber is a low impact, 3 in 1 home fitness workout machine. It combines the features of a treadmill and of a regular stair climber, so you burn the same amount of calories in just half the time (30 minutes a day) it takes on the other two machines combined. It is great for the beginner or for expert enthusiasts, because it has 12 intensity settings.

One of the most amazing and productive exercises is that of walking up and down stairs. This type of exercise gives every muscle from your chest down a workout. Where doing this same workout on real stairs or outdoor stairs made of concrete puts a lot of pressure on your knees, the Bowflex Treadclimber cushions each step you take relieving this pressure. Add this to the advantage of the wireless monitor and you have an exquisite exercise machine.

There are 3 different types. The best one is the TC5000, then the TC3000, and then the TC1000. Each machine uses the same type of workouts but with their own unique features. The main difference in each one is the amount of warranty that is allotted for the parts, electronics, hydraulics, and the motor. The TC5000 has 6 LED read out windows, and a 5-year warranty on the motor, a 3-year warranty on the Electronics and the parts, and a 2-year warranty on the Hydraulics. Bowflex TC3000 also has 6 read out windows, and a 3-year warranty on the motor, a 2-year warranty on the Electronics and the parts, and a 1-year warranty on the hydraulics. The TC1000 has only 3 LED read out windows, and a 1-year warranty on the motor, electronics, parts, and the hydraulics. Although all three exercising machines will unusually last for many years with worry free performance, the guarantee is still there in case something should happen.

It has a wireless monitor just above the handlebars that will monitor your heart rate, tell you the speed you are moving, the time that it took you, the distance you have gone, and your total amount of steps. The monitor also tells you how many calories that you have burned, and how many calories you are burning per minute. The monitor uses red LED lights so that you can view your workout stats.

You do not have to worry about starting and stopping with the Bowflex Treadclimber, as you do with some other types of exercise machines, because each variation has large foot boards along the tread belts, which helps getting on and off easy and safe.

When people search the internet for a particular product, most of them like to read the comments from others who have purchased the product. With the Bowflex Treadclimber, the reviews have been very happy and satisfied customers. People are describing how much weight they have lost in such a short time. Many state that being on a special diet has not helped as much as the Bowflex Treadclimber.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Exercise To Lose Weight Quickly

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anybody that you are burning more energy when you are standing than when you are sitting, more energy when you are walking than when you are standing and more energy when you are running than when you are walking. That is just common sense.

When you begin your ‘eating healthier’ plan, you really need to include an exercise plan to go along with it. You can only eat just so many fewer calories than you burn each day and exercise allows you to burn more for the time you are exercising plus increase your metabolic rate for several hours after you are through exercising. In addition, vigorous physical exercise causes our brains to produce dandy little hormones called endorphins that lift our moods and make us feel happier.

The one exercise that most people can do and not need any special equipment of place to do it is simply walking. Walking at a brisk pace will just naturally burn more calories during the time that you walk but even walking at a moderate pace serves to burn calories and increases the metabolic rate.

That after dinner walk around the block is better than no walk at all. Any exercise program that you begin should, of course, be approved by your doctor. It isn’t wise to begin to exercise after years of being sedentary without first being pronounced fit enough to do so.

All exercise programs need to be started slowly and increased gradually to prevent physical harm or even just muscles that are so sore that you have to skip the exercise altogether.

Exercising with a partner is preferable to exercising along. Get your significant other or your best friend to join you in a walk during lunch or after your evening meal.

Conclusion: Reduced food intake and increased exercise cause weight loss.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Healthy Living Through Successful Exercise

Loving life and keeping the body healthy always go hand in hand. A person can only fully appreciate life and enjoy it if he or she is healthy. Poor health can be a big hindrance for some people to be able to do the things that they want to do in life. This limitation can affect how they live their lives day to day.

But with following a regular exercise program, even just a moderate one, can have a beneficial effect on the body. The important thing is that it should be done on a regular basis and not just occasionally. Routine makes exercise give the body the thorough workout that it needs to keep fit and stay healthy.

In order to be successful in doing exercises regularly, one should learn how to love doing them. An exercise program should be fashioned as much as possible to the person's own preference as much as possible. Success in making exercise a habit is by trying to make it become more interesting and appealing to a person. That is the easiest way to make exercising a habit.

If you haven't tried exercising regularly before, you can start by doing tasks that you normally do with a different challenge. Always try to help give your body some kind of a workout even for the daily chores or tasks that you do. If you wish to go somewhere nearby, try to walk the distance instead of driving there. Try parking at the far end of the car park when you go to the supermarket so that you can walk all the way to the store. That can easily give you a good workout without even trying.

Beginning a good exercise program starts with just doing what you love to do on a regular basis. If you love gardening, then it can be seen as part of your exercise program. Hiking, cycling and getting into sports such as swimming, tennis or even golf can be easily be considered as part of a regular exercise routine. What makes them so important is that they help keep the interest in keeping fit up, therefore making people love what they are doing.

A good exercise routine usually is composed of about 30 minutes of physical workout each day. The routine can be started for three or four days each week and may gradually be increased to six days every week at the most. The 30 minutes can either be done in one sitting each day and can also be spread out at different intervals. What is important is that the person should be working on the consistency and the length of time of the exercises. Intensity of the workouts just comes in second.

As some added motivation to keep up with a training and exercise program, a person would likely enjoy keeping fit and loving life more with other people around to do it with. Keeping fit with a friend or a colleague can help make an exercise regimen more enjoyable to do. Not only does it make the process easier with someone along to do it with, the added motivation may also come from the competition.

Friends can try to challenge each other to see who can come up with better results after several weeks of doing exercises together.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Exercise Is Good For The Young

Individuals under 20 are naturally more flexible, have higher metabolic rates and more energy than those older. But they, too, need to exercise (in appropriate ways) to avoid injury and build strength and endurance, avoid obesity and stay fit.

Particularly today, when there are so many electronic alternatives, young people may exercise less than they should. It's during the formative years that individuals lay the groundwork for what later become healthy or poor habits.

Kids will usually become quickly bored with routines designed for adults. But the activity doesn't have to involve organized group sports, either. A gentle jog with an adult, a tennis game, swimming, golf, martial arts, bicycling, dancing, gymnastics and many other sports are enjoyable for the younger crowd.

Kids are usually sensitive to anything that appears inconsistent or hypocritical from adults. Be prepared to follow your own advice and exercise with them. That also helps parents share quality time with their kids outside the house and during activities that benefit both. Parents get the added benefit of monitoring to ensure that the kids are exercising in a safe and proper way.

Like any routine, if it produces pain - even the day after - the individual is less likely to continue. Keep it simple and build up the difficulty and length gradually. Kids are more flexible, but they too need to warm-up and gently stretch before engaging in vigorous exercise. A few minutes of static and dynamic stretching will help avoid injury.

Exercise routines should take into account the age group of the individual child.

Children from about 4-7 should focus primarily on developing basic physical skills, such as coordination and balance. These are the years when motor skills, eye-hand coordination and other things adults take for granted are still fluid. Children take to these activities naturally, as well. Jumping rope, hopscotch and other simple activities help guide the development of these skills.

From the age of 8 or so, exercises can become more vigorous in order to keep that active metabolism from turning food into fat. Here again, though, adults need to guide kids in order to build good habits and avoid injury. Weight machines are almost always a bad idea for pre-teens, for example. They're risky and unnecessary.

Gymnastics, by contrast, helps build on those basic motor skills learned earlier while developing strength, balance and keeping the endocrine system active and healthy.

For teens, the field is wide open. They have the basic bone and muscle structure that gives them the potential for high performance activity in a wide variety of activities. But here, too, the possibility of injury remains for those who don't get the proper guidance.

Teens are inclined to roughhousing and rebelliousness. Give them an outlet that directs all that energy and independence to the achievement of positive goals - fitness, endurance, high scores.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where To Find Free Exercises To Flatten Stomach

They are everywhere; magazines where on the front cover have beautiful models showing off their flat stomach and a caption that may say something similar to "Want flat abs, we'll show you how!" These magazine articles are great for some people who want to spend the money to buy the magazine in order to find out how to flatten their stomach.

Then there are endless websites that if you sign up and pay the fee, you will be given exercise routines meant to flatten you stomach. Again, this may be a good source for some people who have this goal, but where can you go to find free exercise to flatten stomachs?

The internet is probably one of the best sources for finding free information. There are hundreds of sites a person will find just by using the search words "free stomach exercises" or similar phrases. These sites will give step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of exercises to flatten stomachs. When a person finds several exercises he or she likes, it is simple to print them out and have the paper available when performing the exercise.

Another good source to find free exercises to flatten stomachs is at a library. The library may actually have more information then the internet; it is just not as convenient. A person who takes the time to visit the library can find books on how to flatten their stomach read magazine articles and borrow videos that talk about exercises to flatten stomachs.

One source for finding free exercise to flatten stomachs is the television. If a person can set aside a specific time during the day for exercise, there are many television programs on throughout the day that are exercise related, even channels dedicated just to exercise and health. Many of these shows will focus on flattening stomachs, since this is a primary goal of most people that exercise.

This method for finding free exercises to flatten stomachs may be the least convenient and may not be feasible to everyone, but for some people that can find the right program and make it work with their schedule or the ability to record for use at a later time, it may be a good option.

For people that truly need to loose weight around their stomachs for health reasons, doctors are probably the best source for free exercises to flatten stomachs. They will have available many brochures and other material that will help the person in their goal to look and feel better. In addition, a doctor would be a good source for finding out other places to obtain this information.

There are hundreds of sources for finding exercises to flatten stomachs. Some of these sources require a purchase or even an investment. There are also many sources available that offer free exercises to flatten stomach muscles. Remember, the best exercise is the exercise that works for the individual, regardless of the source.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Diet Fitness And Weight Loss

If you need to lose weight, you need to minimize the amount of calories that you are taking in by monitoring how many you are consuming.

The average person should consume about 1800 to 2000 calories per day. If you are dieting and need to lose weight, you need to reduce this amount to at 1500 to 1600 calories per day. Go with the reductions that your doctor recommends here so that you have enough fuel for the day but are not allowing your body to store the extra fuel as fat throughout your body.

When it comes to improving your diet fitness, you need to take into consideration the location that you are right now.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How many calories are you consuming per day?

To help you to see the clear picture of what’s happening to your health in the foods that you eat, take note of how a normal day or week goes for you. Here are some steps to follow to find out how healthy your diet actually is and how healthy it isn’t!

  1. Spend one or two days recording the foods that you eat in an average day on a piece of paper. All foods and drinks should be noted!

  2. Figure out how many calories you are consuming in an average day.

  3. Look at your list of foods and see how many of them are high in transaturated fats, sugars and calories in general.

  4. How many servings of vegetables and fruits are you getting? How many servings of protein has been lean protein? Did you get in any whole grains? How much soda did you drink (which puts pounds on your waist each time?)

  5. How often did you eat without actually being hungry but being instead bored, anxious, stressed or otherwise emotionally impared?
When you look at these facts you may clearly see where the problems lie. Being honest with yourself is important, though. For most people this is as simple as tracking what they eat over the period of a few days to a week.

Seeing just how much in calories as well as in unhealthiness can really cause them to see what reality really is rather than to assume they are doing okay.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Diet And Fitness ~ You Are What You Eat

“Diet” is a word that is only second to that of exercise when it comes to hatred by many people. But, here, we aren’t talking about a diet to lose weight. We aren’t talking about a diet that you will go on to lose weight and then come off of later.

What you need to accomplish through a diet is to train your body to eat healthily. You need a diet that is actually a way of eating, not a temporary thing but a permanent thing.

Although that sounds even worse, dieting is something that is simple to do healthily even if you can’t live without certain foods. You can do it even when you are in too much of a rush and don’t have time. And, you can do it with lots of favors that you AND your children will enjoy.

Don’t think about a diet that’s taxing, troublesome, limiting or boring. Think of your diet as being free, open, full of taste and adventure, with all of the comfort that you want and need, too.

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